“Rachel is an incredible trainer, not to mention a smart and hilarious lady. She's so much fun to work with and has a vast knowledge of fitness that completely blew my mind when I was training with her. Every workout was different--constantly challenging my body so that I never got bored physically or mentally. Even when the workout was tough, Rachel has an ability to be calming AND encouraging AND kickass all at the same time, which helps you push through your sessions each and every time without fail. If you're looking for a health and fitness guru to start or maintain your personal wellness program, you've found one in Rachel. Bottom line: Rachel Browning GETS WELLNESS.”

Nicole Papincak, Entertainment Lawyer

"Over the course of a few stressful months, I had developed a serious knot on my back under my shoulder blade. It was so intense that it prevented me from sitting up straight. So, based on positive recommendations from co-workers, I decided to give Rachel a call. Rachel found the issue immediately and was able to work the knot out within a single one-hour visit. I was really impressed with her skill, great attitude, reasonable price and medical knowledge of how the muscles interact with each other to cause problems like mine. I recommend Rachel to anyone suffering from back or shoulder pain."

Jonathan Backer, Live Nation Entertainment


"Rachel is an amazingly talented massage therapist, yoga instructor and personal trainer.  I have old sports injuries that require a tailored approach and Rachel has helped me with healing massage therapy,  yoga and one on one personal training. I always feel better when I see Rachel and our sessions are healing for the mind, body, and soul.  I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel to anyone who would like to achieve better health through body work and healthier eating habits.  Rachel is vegetarian also and knowledgeable about combining the elements of a healthy diet with the right exercise regimen, and body work to help you achieve optimal health."

Sheyda, Homeland Security


“Rachel's class is special; there were not so many "yoga posses" but smooth movements that required real stretching, and conscious attention to those areas where exercise had left pain. Although she is young (thirty years old), she is wise and offers meaningful pieces of advice. Besides, she has the power to bring relieve to people with health problems. She is the kind of person to whom the phrase old soul fixes very well. There are many people that limit health to the physical level (and maybe include the emotional component in the best of the cases.) It was recently that I discovered health is also related with the quality of relationships people have with their family, friends and even their communities, and includes other dimensions...such as environmental, intellectual and spiritual. Rachel is a promoter of a healthy life considering all those elements, and puts them to use in practical ways. She teaches how to take care of body AND mind. She promotes habits that have repercussions in environmental and human health. Through these messages, Rachel promotes love for one-self, and then the welfare of those around us.”

​Rosa Salas, Peru



​ “Last week I tried Yoga with Rachel and I have fallen in love. I went back for my second class this morning - which is a big deal (for me.) Instead of yoga suited for someone who has been doing hand-stands (and head-stands) for years, it's much more about stretching, breathing, learning how to strengthen parts of our bodies we use a lot but never really take the time to stretch (such as our wrists, the bottoms of our feet, or our backs.)”

Jessica Butler, Fitness Studio Manager


"I have experienced a multitude of Rachel's talents and healing artistry. I have experienced wonderful energy healing sessions that helped retune my voodoo in the best ways. I've had several massages that reached the core of my muscle issues not just the "feel good" light touch of many massages that I've had. I have recently taken one of her beginning yoga classes. I not only had a unique and custom tailored series of poses fit to the needs of her class, but had a really good time hearing her elegant structural education and humor in the process. She showed me adjustments that had not been addressed by other teachers that have really helped my poses. She is a rockstar of the mind, body and spirit deluxe. Thanks Rachel!"

Travis Stanton, Photographer and Videographer






“I just wanted to personally thank you for the Yoga Class yesterday. I always have wanted to go to one but for some reason or another I never have extra money to pay for one. It was everything I thought it would be. Thank you, really for the wonderful experience.”

Reproductive Health Assistant, Planned Parenthood





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