Personal Training


(Also includes private Yoga sessions)

Sign up for a personalized program, fit to your body and your goals. After an initial assessment, I will give you an exercise prescription based on your needs. We will start by learning form and changing any imbalances, and then build your fitness level until you feel better than ever before!

Sign up for your free assessment today!

Call for your free assessment. Prices vary based on location, session duration and other factors.

Personal Training Packages:

The number of weekly sessions is based on your specific goals.

I serve the greater Los Angeles area. Prices vary by location:

Single Session

5 Pack
10 Pack
20 Pack



Corrective Exercises

Realign and balance your body! Over our lifetime, we experience injuries and traumas of varying degrees. Even events that seem small, or daily stresses and time at the computer can add up to create imbalance and pain. We will find your body's "blind spots" and old patterns, and rewire them to create fluid, pain-free movement.

We will create a road-map to reach your goals.

Whether your goal is strength, flexibility, or weight loss - I will show you a path to get you there. Together we will work with your specific situation to create a plan that will work for you. We are all different - we have different schedules, different challenges, and different bodies. I will make a customized plan that will work with your needs that will make your goal attainable.

Create a healthy lifestyle you enjoy!

Have you been riding the "diet rollercoaster" for years? Is your weight constantly fluctuating, and do you find it difficult to stick with a diet for a long period of time? I will help you create a lifestyle that you also enjoy! There are ways to eat the foods you love in a more healthy way. You can find exercise enjoyable by doing the activities that make you happy and getting fit in the process! You can feel energetic and strong at any age; and move without pain. Call for your free consultation to find out how.


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