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Amazon Yoga Adventure!



Join us in the beautiful untouched Amazon rainforest, as we explore the animals, flora and people who live there. Our joureny begins with a boatride down the amazon to our retreat center. There will be wildlife guides on staff to take us to see the exotic birds, lizards, and fish that can be seen only the Amazon. We will go to Manatee lake to swim with the pink and grey dolphins, look for wild caiman, and find monkeys and sloths living in the trees.
We will travel in dugout canoes to visit the the indigenous tribes who still live there, and speak with their elders and shaman about their life and spirual world. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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The Retreat Includes: 
  • 5 days/ 5 nights accommodation

  • Transportation to/from the airport and to the retreat center.

  • 2-3 freshly-cooked meals per day.

  • Daily guided wildlife hikes.

  • Daily yoga classes.

  • Excursion to visit indigenous tribes.

  • Trip to see pink and grey dolphins.

  • Night excursion to see noturnal river life.

  • Bird Viewing

  • Identification of jungle flora and medicinal plants

  • New Year's Celebration in Iquitos!

  • We will be staying at a beautiful retreat ceneter on the Amazon river. Each room is screened in, sleeps 4, and comes with mosquito netting, beds, and a patio with hammocks.

  • Professional guides who will keep us safe an ensure the maximum amount of wildlife viewing!

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Daily Itinerary

Day 1:

Airport reception and transfer by boat to the Amazon Refuge. Evening excursions by canoe to view caimans and river life.

Day 2:

A full day exploring the rainforest with a hike to our Manatee Lake, home of the Amazon paiche. Along the way we will see monkies, birds, and a variety of frogs. We'll have the opportunity for fishing.

Day 3:

 We will take lunch on board and visit Lake Corriente to see water lilies and swim with pink and gray dolphins.
Then a visit our lake called Zapote, where we will observe monkeys, birds, the famous prehistorically
birds named hotzins, horned screammers, chachalacas, guans, wattled curassow and zimmer's woodcreeper.

Day 4:

Visit to the Indian community San Juan de Yanayacu, where we will learn about traditions, legends and myths from the amazon.
More Jungle hikes into the rain forest, learning about the medicinal species from the area, plus more monkey and wildlife viewing.

Day 5:

Boat ride back Iquitos, where we will explore the town, and have a NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION!

Day 6:

Transfer to airport, where you will either fly back home, or continue on with us to Machu Picchu.






About The Amazon:

​​The Amazon is the largest remaining troptical rainforest, spanning 6.7 million km2 (twice the size of India). It is the most biodiverse rainforest in the world, and it's home to at least 10% of the world's plants and animals.
Not only does the Amazon encompass the single largest remaining tropical rainforest in the world, it also houses at least 10% of the world’s known biodiversity,

It is home to the largest amount of the freshwater fish species in the world, and countless endangered animals call the Amazon home.

The Amazon is part of 9 different countries, and over 350 different ethnic indigenous groups still iive there. Many are still very isolated.

Modern deforestation has already take over 17% of the forest-cover, and more is cut down every day. Many rare species face extinction.

We will have the opportunity to see many of these rare plants and animals that only call the Amazon home.

Pricing Includes:  
  • 5 days/ 5nights accommodation in retreat center.

  • Transportation to/from the Iquitos airport and the retreat center.

  • 2-3 freshly-cooked meals per day

  • Daily Yoga and meditation classes.

  • Excursions to see pink dolphins, caimans, fish, plants, and other wildlife.

  • Day hikes and noctural hikes.

  • Boat transportation.

  • Viist to indigenous tribes and visit with Shaman.




**This airline price includes a flight with our group, at a group discounted rate. The flight MUST be booked through Rachel Browning Wellness, and may include taxes (not in our control) with a fluxuation of $130. The flight is out of Los Angeles (LAX), so flights to LA are not included. There will be a cuttoff date for the group rate, so please book ahead of time.
Please call for details.



Rachel Browning: Rachel discovered alternative healing methods after a debilitating back injury at the age of 20. Since then, she has worked as a bodyworker, yoga teacher, and personal trainer. She has a degree in Anthropology from UCLA, where she also studied nutrition and CAM. She studied massage at the Shiatsu Massage School of California, and got her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Glenn Black. Throught-out the last 10 years, she earned many certifications and has studied with incredible teachers. She did a long-term study with Tao Te Ching Master Henry Chang, learning ancient Buddhism and Taoist methods while earning her certificate in Religious Philosophy. She is certified in Pre-Post Natal Training, Tamo-Do (Vibrational Healing through Sound and Music) Touch for Health applied kinesiology and Thai Massage, and has studied with Shamans deep in the South American rainforest. She continues to learn health and fitness methods, and research peer-reviewed studies. She writes the blog


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